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Rich Rapper Screws White Couple Backstage At His Show

This is a work of fiction. Any relations of characters to people living or dead is purely a coincidence.

Another day and another dollar. The rapper we are gonna call Freddy is known for his ghetto, hard-core style in life and on stage. You can always see him with the same 2 black women dancing seductively in his videos.

Freddy is known for rapping about all kinds of things on the street, but the one thing he keeps away from the public is his love of giving his BBC to white couples. Freddy’s love for kinky sex with white couples is known by his crew, security, and his inner circle.

Freddy was on stage in Ohio, putting on a show. While on stage, His most trusted security guy was checking out the white couple in the crowd. Jon, His security guy spotted a white couple in the crowd that he knew Freddie would like. The guy was short, thin and had dark hair in his early 30’s. The girl had sandy, brown hair and a big ass. Jon’s gangsta boss loves the girls with the big asses and the white guys with small asses.

Jon stepped up to the couple with 2 backstage passes. Jon straight up asked them “would you guys like to get naked with the man on stage?”. Jacob looked at Emily, She smiled and nodded. Jon handed the couple the passes.

After the show, The couple went backstage not knowing what to expect. Before they went into the room, Jon told the couple to strip down to nothing. The couple got completely naked in front of the stage crew and walked into the room.

They went into a well lit dressing room with a big bed, The kind that Freddy demanded at all his venues. Freddy was laying on his side in some red, silk pajamas. Freddy told the couple to come in and lay down beside him. Then Freddy asked them to 69 in front of him.

Emily crawled on top of Jacob, With her big ass in the air, she straddled Jacob’s face and went down on her man’s 7 inch cock. Freddy started rubbing himself as the white couple orally satisfied each other.

There were mirrors on the walls and ceiling. Freddy took off his clothes and Emily saw her reflection in a large mirror where Freddy’s erect 9 inch cock was coming towards her ass. Freddy went deep into Emily’s asshole and she moaned. After a few minutes of feeling her ass around his dick, Freddie had them roll over. Emily looked up while sucking her man’s dick to see the big black cock go into Jacob’s ass. He squealed with pleasure into Emily’s cunt. Freddie ejaculated into Jacob’s ass as Jacob ejaculated into her mouth.

Freddie kissed them both in a three-way french kiss. The couple left with Freddie’s sperm dripping from their asses.

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