Civil War Slave Joins Master and His Wife in Bed – Part 2 – Interracial Bisexual Story

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Civil War Slave Joins Master and His Wife in Bed – Part 1 – Interracial Bisexual Story

The Civil War in the United States was about to begin. Jacob the plantation owner was going to war. The week before Jacob was to go to war he lined up all the slaves. Jacob pulled the largest slave out of the line and brought him to his wife. Jacob said to his wife that the slave was to be her lover while he was gone. But before Jacob was to leave he wanted to share the experience with his wife. Jacob and his wife undressed each other. Then they undressed the slave. Jacob’s wife was surprised at the size of the big black cock. She was even more surprised when her husband took it in his hand and told her to suck it. She couldn’t fit it all in her mouth. She looked up and could see her husband and the slave kissing. End Part 1.