White Couple Owes Black Gangster Money

This is a work of fiction. Any relations of characters to people living or dead is purely a coincidence.

Alberto is a large, bald black man known for being a bad ass. Alberto at 48, collected debts and with his large frame he didn’t have to hurt anybody. People paid immediately.
Steven and Mary are a married college couple, both with brown hair and small frames. Steven had a gambling problem and had lost about 2 grand that he borrowed from Alberto.
When Alberto came to Steven’s door, Mary invited him in. She was wearing a white robe and had her hair down. Steven came into the room wearing a matching robe. Steven said he didn’t have all the money, but he hoped they could come to an agreement.
Steven said he heard Alberto liked both men and women. Steven and Mary dropped their robes. Steven’s dick was hard and sticking up. Mary had hard nipples. Steven and Mary walked up to Alberto
Steven and Mary kissed Alberto’s neck. Mary kissed Alberto on the lips as Steven kissed Alberto’s neck. Steven ran his hand down to Alberto’s prick. It was huge, At least 10 inches and rock hard. Steven took Mary’s hand and ran it down to Alberto’s dick. Mary’s eyes got huge.
Steven and Mary both unbuttoned and unzipped Alberto’s pants together. The white couple ripped off the large black man’s clothes. Steven took one of Alberto’s hands and Mary took the other and lead Alberto into the Shower.
Steven and Mary stepped under the warm water first then pulled Alberto in. The horny white couple got Alberto wet all over with their hands. Mary dropped to her knees first and started sucking the head. Steven followed and worked the huge black shaft with his lips.
Steven and Mary would switch places and take turns with the head. Alberto made the white couple stand up. He could see the show in the mirror across from the shower.
Alberto had Mary put her hands out and lean into the stream of water. Alberto had Steven lick his cock before he inserted his cock into Mary’s womanhood. Alberto slipped his cock into Mary’s tight opening. As he pounded the wife the white husband licked Alberto’s ass.
After a minute of pounding, Alberto told the husband to stand and “stick his white cock in my black ass while I fuck your wife”. As Alberto filled Mary with cum, Steven shot his load into Alberto’s ass.

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