White Couple Has Cam Sex With A Fat Black Guy

My wife works as an accountant at a popular firm. While in the cafeteria she was approached by the black janitor named Jerome that stands at about 7 feet tall. He said he saw her sucking her husband’s dick on chaturbate. Jerome told my wife that if he wasn’t invited to view the show live, He would tell everybody at work.

We had no choice but to allow him in our bedroom. My wife is a curvy blonde and I am a white guy with a slight build and jet black hair. We turned on our camera for our usual Saturday night sex show and Jerome could be seen in the background.

We got naked and started to talking to the chatters about what they wanted to see. Jerome walked over and sat between us. Jerome told the chatters, 1000 tokens and he would fuck this white couples’ asses. When the first 200 tokens came in Jerome had me and my wife lean in front of him and french kiss each other.

Then Jerome leaned in and kissed my wife. After a sloppy 30 second kiss, He turned to me and tongue kissed me. His tongue was all over the place in my mouth. After we reached 500 token, Jerome had me and my wife undress him. He had a thick 8 inch cock that was fully erect.

Jerome had me and my wife licking up and down his huge shaft. In no time we reached 1000 tokens. Jerome had me and my wife lay on our stomachs. I could hear his big dick penetrate my wife’s ass and she started yelping with pain and pleasure. As he fucked my wife’s ass he penetrated me with his finger. I could hear the sounds of chaturbate tokens coming in like crazy.

After a few minutes, The huge black man crawled off my wife and onto me. I felt the head of his cock enter my ass hole, He groaned and pushed the whole thing inside me. Jerome had his jizz in my wife’s asshole, now he was wanting to fill me with his sperm. My wife licked Jerome’s asshole and he climaxed into my ass.

Jerome moved in with us. My wife and Jerome quit their jobs and now we put on a MMF interracial bisexual twice a week.

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