College Formal Dance With My Girl And A Black Janitor

It was our freshman year and my sorority girlfriend invited me to her first formal at her sorority house. After the fancy meal was over we went for a walk on campus, both of us in our formal attire. We found an empty classroom on campus and she went to her knees to suck my dick. I was looking at the ceiling and moaning when I heard a cough. I looked over and the older black janitor was watching us.
He unzipped the front of his blue jumpsuit to expose his huge cock that was twice the size of mine. The janitor mumbled “mind if I get some of that?”.
My girl crawled over and started sucking as hard as she could. She stopped and looked at me. She said with an eerie whisper “If you want to stay my boyfriend help me with this”.
I got on my knees and sucked on the head of his cock while my girlfriend mouthed his shaft. When we tasted some pre-cum, We stood up and undressed each other for our new friend. Then we finished peeling the jumpsuit off of the janitor together.
The janitor got on top of my girlfriend on the desk and started pumping hard. He told me to get on top of him and fuck his dark asshole while he fucked my girlfriend. My white dick slid perfectly into his black ass as he fucked my girlfriend. As he filled my girlfriend’s white pussy with his cum, I filled the janitor’s ass with my cum.

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